About RFF

Racchi Funny Farm all started when Kelsey and Nathan purchased our farm in 2019 right before the dreaded covid. During that time we noticed we had the land for it and we kept seeing animals that needed a new home, a forever home. we slowly started to build up our property piece by piece until we were ready to start taking on animals. We started off with 8 cats, one dog, and a duck. After we got our facility ready for animals we started taking on chickens, then more ducks, a miniature donkey and a miniature horse. After we fell in love with the idea of a sanctuary, we started taking in almost anything that needed a home. We don't just take in regular animals either. At one point we even had two turkeys, 2 Guinee's, and a goose! We love our little farm and will forever be here to help the animals. 


Our animals are our babies and we love to watch them grow and hope you enjoy it to! Thank you for your support! 


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